Julia Tcharfas

Julia Tcharfas, artist and curator, shares her ongoing research into the design and performance of artificial natures. Drawing on an archive of material sourced from our modern collective scientific and technological folklore, the presentation will engage with a constellation of experiments that have involved closed systems. It encompasses tales of artificial environments, confinement modules, space colonies, alternative communes, experiments in life, diet, and theatre, all of which link together through the origins of cosmonautic consciousness.

Julia Tcharfas (born 1982, Donetsk, Ukraine) is currently working as the assistant curator of the Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age exhibition at the Science Museum in London. A significant part of her work is an ongoing collaborative practice with artist and researcher, Tim Ivison. Her recent projects include Systems Learning from the Inside, Chisenhale Gallery, Recent Work By Artists, Auto Italia, and Render, Hilary Crisp Gallery.