Mince & Dough

We’re pleased to be hosting a delicious pop-up of fabulous Russian food at Calvert 22 Space.

Visitors to the Power and Architecture exhibition should bring their appetite for modern Russian cuisine by Mince & Dough, who will be serving homemade dumplings, pies and refreshing summer specials.


Okroshka (chilled summer soup) — £5

Refreshing kefir-based soup with cucumbers, sorrel, radish, egg and dill

Pelmeni (dumplings) with meat — £8

Tortellini-like dumplings topped with dill, butter, sour cream, Georgian salsa or all of the above

Pirozhki (little Russian pies) — £7

Spring onion & egg / Cheesy beetroot leaves / Mushrooms & herbs

Blinis (pancakes) — £5

Buckwheat pancakes with cottage cheese and jam

Mors (homemade cranberry ice tea) — £1.50

About Mince & Dough

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We are USSR-born, European-raised Londoners and we are on a mission: we want to introduce Russian food to London. Let us treat you with some pies, surprise you with some dumplings, and warm your heart and soul with some soups that are *just what the doctor ordered*.

Russian cuisine is a combination of simple peasant food, extravagant Tsarist-era recipes, traditional tastes from a variety of slavic countries – some northern, some southern and spicy – as well as recipes developed during the frugal soviet era.

We recreate those recipes with fresh ingredients of amazing quality, and enhance them with some new techniques to bring you a modern experience of Russian food in all its soul-warming, homemade splendour.

We don’t want to clutter our menu with too many scary, unpronounceable dishes, so it’s this simple: dumplings, pies and soups, with a seasonal special dish here and there, and a few tricks up our sleeve for when you’re feeling adventurous.