Mince & Dough

We’re pleased to have Mince & Dough back at Calvert 22 on Saturday 6 August and Sunday 7 August, 12 – 6pm.

Join us for another pop up with fabulous Russian cuisine like homemade dumplings, pies and summer specials, including syrok – a frozen chocolatey cheesecake dessert from Russia.

This is also the last weekend of “Dead space and ruins”, part 2 of the Power and Architecture, so be sure to come and bid farewell to the exhibition in a delicious way.


Vinegret (beetroot and pickle salad) [vegan, GF] — £4

Beetroot, malossol cucumbers, potatoes, peas, onions, dill and unrefined sunflower oil

Pelmeni (dumplings) with meat — £8

Tortellini-like dumplings topped with dill, butter, sour cream, Georgian salsa or all of the above

Pirozhki (little Russian pies) — £7

Spring onion & egg / Cheesy beetroot leaves / Mushrooms & herbs

Blinis (pancakes) [GF] — £5

Buckwheat pancakes with cottage cheese and jam

Syrok (ice cream) [GF] — £4

Chocolate-glazed frozen cheesecake lolly with a strawberry jam heart

Berry kompot (non-alcoholic infusion) — £1.50

About Mince & Dough

Mince and Dough is all about modern Russian street-foody cuisine. Our mission is to introduce flavours from Russia (and beyond) to London. We aim to dispel clichés by using good seasonal ingredients and rethinking classic recipes.

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