KinoVino Kaukasis with Olia Hercules

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating scents, sights and flavours of the Caucasus Mountains at this supper club and film screening.

You’ll explore a beautiful regional cuisine prepared by one of the most vibrant chefs cooking today, Olia Hercules. Olia exploded onto the food scene with her award-winning cookbook Mamushka and her second book, Kaukasis, already promises to be a revelation.

Before sitting down to Olia’s feast, KinoVino will treat you to Georgian wines and a screening of director Sergei Parajanov’s “cinematic Holy Grail” The Colour of Pomegranates, a film hailed by the Guardian as a “poetic masterpiece”.

Menu to be announced soon.

About the film

The Colour of Pomegranates

1969, dir. Sergei Parajanov, 79 min

One of the most daringly experimental films ever made (and produced in pre-Glasnost USSR, where it was quickly banned), Sergei Parajanov’s tribute to the Armenian poet Sayat Nova rethinks the very nature of cinematic space.

Woven patterns and colours of traditional textiles and customs provide him with a different visual model. The way in which clothing sculpts and defines the body, creating a space neither flat nor deep but attuned to both the senses of touch and vision, inspires the discontinuous tableaux that make up this film.

Textures and colours spill across each other as space dissolves into a succession of surfaces and shapes. Figures, gestures, textiles, costumes, and architecture merge in a shallow but endlessly varied space.

Woven and embroidered textiles mould or conceal bodies and space in the rituals of birth and death that compose a film that seems to emanate from another world.

About KinoVino

KinoVino is a cinema supper club created by Alissa Timoshkina that brings together some of the best chefs and films from around the world. Each edition offers film screenings and sit-down dinners with unique menus inspired by the films, creating an immersive experience that is shared between an intimate group of guests.

About Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules was born in Ukraine and lived in Cyprus for 5 years before moving to London to study a BA in Italian language, followed by an MA in Russian and English. A number of jobs followed before her interest in food as an amateur reached its apogee and she decided to retrain as a chef at Leith’s School of Food and Wine. She kicked off her culinary career working at London’s Union Market before landing her dream job as a chef-de partie for Ottolenghi’s. Olia’s focus nowadays is mostly on her son, her writing, her food styling and the occasional foray into film and television.