Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Solutions

Get a glimpse of the future of art and technology with live performance, music and drinks as we celebrate the latest issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine at the Calvert 22 Bookshop.

We live in a world where the number of mobile phones is greater than the worldwide population, and there are more registered users on Facebook than inhabitants of China. Our surroundings are constantly being digitalised – and contemporary art, design and photography are directly involved in this confrontation.

In the latest print issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine, take a closer look at new technologies, their development and the way they influence not only culture, but also our everyday lives. Like the mirrored front cover designed and featuring a quote by the artist Wojtek Puś – Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Solutions – this issue we explores the current trends and phenomena taking place in the art world.

Join us at Calvert 22 Bookshop for an evening of live performance, music and drinks, and discover how art, culture and the everyday attempts to confront and capture our astonishing and frequently contradictory reality. Final copies of Contemporary Lynx‘s limited edition mirrored magazine will be available to purchase, and you are invited to take part in their competition, details of which will be revealed soon.

You can find out more about the latest issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine – exploring posthumanism, technology, and the future – here.