Raising Dust

Raising Dust

Participating artists: Rasheed Araeen, Ranko Bon, Dumitru Budrala, Navroze Contractor, Yiannos Economou, Marina Grzinič and Aina Šmid, Isa Rosenberger, Sašo Sedlaček, Vlad Nancă and Zbyněk Baladrán

Raising Dust is a provocative multi-media exhibition which explores contemporary notions of identity and relativity by inviting a group of predominantly Eastern European artists to respond to the poetry and politics of place.

It can be argued that the very idea of Europe is in itself a dislocation, a nomadic horizon which responds differently to the shifting perspectives and desires of its inhabitants. Each artist in Raising Dust has contributed work which addresses this proposition and foregrounds the urgency of creating an autonomous ‘space for life’ that overrides dominant mainstream distinctions. Three of the artists (of Indian, Cypriot and British descent) have extended the encounter with Europe even further east so as to fully interrogate our ideas of what comprises this continent.

With thanks to the Austrian Cultural Forum London for their support to the artist, Isa Rosenberger.

Curated by Richard Appignanesi.

Times and Dates

8 December 2010 – 20 February 2011