NSK Folk Art

NSK Folk Art

Participating artists: Peter Blase, Christian Chrobok, Charles Krafft, Danaja, Christian Matzke, Public Movement, Astrid Thingplatz, Valnoir

Presented in parallel with IRWIN: Time for A New State Calvert 22 exhibits a selection of NSK Folk Art, a diverse collection of intriguing artefacts created by the citizens of the NSK State in Time. This virtual state, formed in 1992, today contains over fourteen thousand citizens from Dublin and Taipei to Sarajevo and New York. As it has evolved over the last 20 years, members have developed a strong sense of collective identity, which has manifested itself in the creation of a unique Folk Art, expressing citizens’ devotion to the state and ideologies of NSK. Works on display include NSK passports, stamps, plates and films made by NSK state members. Exhibited works are from IRWIN and NSKSTATE.COM collection NSK Folk Art.

NSK Folk Art is part of a London wide presentation in cooperation with Tate, who will be hosting a Symposium and which will also comprise of a music performance at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, an exhibition of archival material at Chelsea Space (Chelsea College of Art) and a seminar at UCL.

Times and Dates

4 April – 24 June 2012

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