New East Photo Prize


New East Photo Prize

The Calvert 22 Foundation bi-annual photo event New East Photo Prize champions contemporary perspectives on the people and stories of the New East — the 29 countries of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia — welcoming the work of professional and non-professional photographers alike.

The prize was founded in the belief that, although hugely diverse, the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are often represented in an outdated manner which negates the rich culture of the region’s individual nations. The prize seeks to broaden perceptions of the New East through the medium of photography. 

It is a Calvert 22 Foundation initiative supported by The Calvert Journal, our award-winning online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture and creativity of the region.


New East Photo Prize 2018

With a multitude of works celebrating photography from Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia giving a unique glimpse into the self-identity of an underrepresented region and a unique approach to the people, places and stories that shape the region.


New East Photo Prize 2016

An exhibition featuring work by the finalists of the inaugural New East Photo Prize and their work reflecting a range of approaches and subject matters encompassing the use of video, portraiture and landscape photography.