Olga Chernysheva

Olga Chernysheva

Olga Chernysheva’s art extends into video and photography but an important part of her practice remains drawing and painting. Whichever medium she chooses, her concerns as an artist remain constant as an account of the lives of ordinary Russian people as they adapt to the huge changes their society is undergoing. For Russians the promise of Perestroika has not been fully realised.

They remain in a limbo in which their aspirations and sense of enablement are remote from the practical opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis. Chernysheva’s work, while rooted in Russia, concerns itself with issues and feelings that are common to many in other parts of the urbanised world. But Chernysheva is no ideologue, she is a chronicler of the everyday.

Times and Dates

1 July – 29 August 2010