Clean Eating Weekend with Breakfast etc

Eat clean at this natural cooking pop up by Breakfast etc., who will be bringing their menu of mindful food and drink to Calvert 22 on Saturday 24 September and Sunday 25 September, 12 – 4pm.

Breakfast etc. serves food that is clean and unprocessed, as it is from the Earth. It is free of sugar, gluten and synthetics, packed with natural protein, ancient grains and heirloom vegetables.

Power and Architecture Part 4: The afterlives of Modernity will be open as usual 12 – 6pm.


Clean Boxes – £7.50

Autumn Box
Poached egg, purple potato, avocado and beans
Served on rocket salad, topped with almond butter, toasted seeds, lime and blackberries

Eastern Box (special edition for Calvert 22)
Buckwheat, avocado, wild mushroom and pumpkin
Served on rocket salad, topped with Nazareth tahini sauce, toasted seeds, lime and ashberry

Classic Box
Poached egg, avocado, celery, and red and golden beetroot
Served on rocket salad, topped with Nazareth tahini, toasted seeds and grapefruit

Warm Drinks – £3.50

Blackberry latte

Redcurrant latte

Infused Waters – £2.00

Beetroot, blackberry & mint

Cucumber, ginger & rosemary

Breakfast etc. is a form of modern meditation where food is for finding self balance and awareness.

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