KinoVino Poland with Zuza Zak

Bring your appetite for a supper club and film screening featuring classic Polish cinema and cooking with KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival, KinoVino and Zuza Zak.

The night will begin with Polish-style welcome drinks and snacks before a screening of Andrzej Wajda’s classic The Maids of Wilko. Afterwards, we’ll sit down for a festive dinner by KinoVino’s Alissa and guest chef Zuza Zak, who will create a delicious and hearty home-style feast featuring recipes from her new cookbook, Polska: New Polish Cooking.


Welcome snacks and drinks

– Homemade pork dripping on rye bread
– Beetroot dip with rye-caraway crisp bread
– A selection of Polish vodkas with pickles

Post-movie feast

– Herrings in oil with cinnamon
– Bean and dill salad
– Beetroot and toasted buckwheat salad
– Żurek: fermented rye soup with baked pieróg (veggie stuffing)
– Potato Placki with venison or mushrooms, served with fermented cabbage stew
– Rhubarb and rose Pleśniak cake and homemade advocat 

About the film

The Maids of Wilko

1979, dir. Andrzej Wajda, 118 min

Set in the stylish 20s, the story follows Viktor (Daniel Olbrychski), a successful young man, who nonetheless decides to take some time off work to process the death of a friend. He goes back to his home town, where he encounters a family of five women he left behind, all of whom were in love with him at some point. Life has moved on since he left, feelings have changed, and not all of the women are available anymore. If you’re a Jane Austen fan, then this is one for you. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1980 Oscars.

About KinoVino

KinoVino is a cinema supper club created by Alissa Timoshkina that brings together some of the best chefs and films from around the world. Each edition offers film screenings and sit-down dinners with unique menus inspired by the films, creating an immersive experience that is shared between an intimate group of guests.


KINOTEKA Polish Film Festival takes place in London each spring. Organised by the Polish Cultural Institute in London, the festival celebrates the best of Polish cinema and culture. Each year audiences can enjoy a selection of film and documentary screenings, both classic and contemporary, as well as talks and Q&As with the filmmakers. A selection of interactive forums and classes is always on offer, as well as live music and art exhibitions.

About Zuza Zak

Zuza Zak is a London-based cookery writer, food blogger and TV producer who spends a lot of time in her homeland, Poland. She is the author of Polska: New Polish Cooking, a new cookbook that tells the story of what Polish cooking is all about.