Russian Jews. Part Two. 1918–1948. with Leonid Parfenov

Please join us for a very special evening with acclaimed Russian TV journalist Leonid Parfenov, who will be presenting part two of his latest documentary Russian Jews and will be on hand for an intimate Q&A after the film.

In partnership with Arbuzz Lectures and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

About the film

Russian Jews is a documentary trilogy created and narrated by Leonid Parfenov that studies perceptions of Jews in Russia throughout the ever-changing history of the twentieth century and their role in the history of the country and the world.

The second film in the trilogy captures the 30-year period of significant Jewish participation in every domain of Soviet political and cultural life. Centuries of harassment and the resulting energy young Russian Jews were forced to repress, as described in the first film of the trilogy, spilled out in the form of unparalleled career success for Jews in the new state. The second film describes Leon Trotsky’s role as the founder of the Red Army; artist Marc Chagall’s early career; filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein’s creation of a new visual language; the first Soviet popular music stars, including composers Matvei Blanter and Isaak Dunayevsky as well as famous singer Leonid Utyosov; writers, with Isaac Babel in the lead, who brought the zest of Odessa into mainstream literature; and other figures and fates, without which the grandiose Soviet “project” is impossible to understand.

About Leonid Parfenov

Leonid Parfenov is one of the most respected independent journalists working in Russia today. After a long career as a news presenter and producer on Russia’s main channel, he has lately focussed on mainstream TV documentaries, including Namedni, a long-running account of the last years of the Soviet Union. In 2010 he made international headlines for his outspoken criticism of TV journalism in Russia, referring to them as “not journalists at all but bureaucrats, following the logic of service and submission”.