Mince & Dough

We’re pleased to welcome back Mari Volkosh from Mince & Dough for another delicious residency.

Mince & Dough’s main love is dumplings, so get hungry for pelmeni from Russia, manty from Kazakhstan, and more filled treats from the New East.

Mari will also be cooking warming winter soups, pies, homemade pickles and other goodies from Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

On Saturday 24 February, 7 – 11pm, we’ll be throwing a DJ & Dumplings party with good food, New East cocktails, and music. You can find more info and RSVP here.

About Mince & Dough

We are USSR-born, European-raised Londoners and we are on a mission: We want to introduce London to food from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and beyond. We use high-quality ingredients to make modern yet homemade food for the soul. We currently operate through pop-ups all over London, bonding over dumplings with adventurous foodies.

Our all-time favourite dumplings are pelmeni – little dumplings that originated in Siberia, stuffed with pork and beef mince. We serve them with homemade fresh Georgian adjika, sour cream and dill.

Then there are manty – steamed Kazakh dumplings with lamb and pumpkin, which we top with Mexican salsa and pickled onions.

This January we have introduced a new type of dumpling – the Georgian khinkali. They are shaped like little drawstring pockets and filled with beef mince, broth, herbs and spices, and served with adjika butter and spring onion.

At Mince & Dough we pride ourselves on ingredients and innovation. All our mince comes from Market Porter, who source free-range meat from independent British producers. We always try to find the best and most beautiful ingredients available, local, organic and seasonal whenever possible. As for our recipes, they all come from varied culinary traditions of different New East regions, but they are updated with the tricks and cooking methods we have discovered along our culinary journey. Some traditions are golden, and we love taking lessons from babushkas who are willing to teach us, but we do not shy away from a bit of fusion when it works and just do what feels right for a delicious outcome.