iKOYi: Contemporary West African cuisine

We are delighted to partner with fantastic soon to open restaurant iKOYi who will bring you a delicious supper club during our Red Africa season, showcasing its distinctive take on Contemporary West African gastronomy.

iKOYi takes Jollof cuisine as its central concept, a totally unique approach to West African dishes, combining refined cooking techniques, high quality ingredients and traditional flavours of this region.

The Jollof cuisine served by iKOYi is rooted in West Africa, but lends itself to interpretation.

The dinner will be served “banquet” style once all the guests are seated, so please make sure you arrive on time.

A bar providing stout, lager and Nigerian-inspired cocktails will be available on the evening.


Salmon cured in “Grains of Selim”, Groundnut, Tamarind Ketchup

Miyan Taushe – A Northern Nigerian Pumpkin Stew, with Goat, Octopus and Sorrel

Smoked Banana Leaf Meringue, Caramelised Coconut

Sourdough “Puff Puff”, Spicy Ganache