Live music performance: Utyugon

Wednesday 21 May 2014, 7:00pm — 9:30pm

Location: St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch

Cultural historian and BBC broadcaster Alexander Kan discusses the history of the utyugon – an instrument created in the 1980s by artists Timur Novikov and Ivan Sotnikov out of scrap metal, domestic irons and a wooden kitchen table. Kan will chart their associations with the Russian rock band Kino and the Popular Mechanics orchestra and the New Composers. Followed by a live music performance on a custom-built utyugon, with a lead singer of London-based no wave band Manflu Aza Shade and a free improviser and experimental sound artist Adam Bohman.

Free entry. Booking is essential.

Directions here.

Doors open for the talk at 6.45 pm. 

Doors open for the music performance at 8.30 pm. 

A bar is available prior to the talk and during the technical turnaround between 8.30 pm and 9 pm.

Club of Friends is open at Calvert 22 Gallery until 7 pm tomorrow if you wish to see the exhibition before the event. 

If you have registered for the talk and can no longer attend, we'd be grateful if you could let us know by emailing This will allow us to release your place to someone on the waiting list.