MIEFF Screening: 3 Films by Pavel Pepperstein

Saturday 25 February 2017, 7:00pm — 9:00pm

As part of Calvert 22 Foundation's weekend of radical Russian film in partnership with the Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, we're pleased to be hosting the UK premiere of three films by artist Pavel Pepperstein, whose ongoing themes and references include Russian and global politics, Cosmism, American comics and gangster films, and Suprematism.

The triple bill will include his latest cinematic works from the last year:

Sound of the Sun (2016)
Pink Widow (2017)
Resurrected Genius (2017)

With an introduction by Katya Chitova of the MIEFF.

About Sound of the Sun

Pavel Pepperstein and Natali Nord, 2016

The plot of the film centres around the research work of a group of scientists, who base their approach on the hypothesis that light is in fact essentially sound, and focus their attention on what they call “the sound of the sun”. Employing a rather complicated technology, they conduct a secret experiment, in which the sound of the sun is amplified and then rebroadcast via the illegal use of tall structures such as television towers in Berlin and Moscow or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The sound is not detectable to conscious human awareness, but its amplified presence affects the behaviour of different people in an unpredictable manner. A number of agents set out in search of the transponders relaying this solar sound, since a tide of inconspicuous mass insanity is gradually engulfing various groups of the population.

The film includes contributions from numerous well-known philosophers, artists, actors and other exceptional individuals.

About Pavel Pepperstein

Pavel Pepperstein is an artist, writer, critic and art theorist born in 1966 in Moscow. From 1985 to 1987 he studied in the Department of Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 1987 he co-founded the experimental group of artists called Inspection Medical Hermeneutics (P. Pepperstein, S. Anufriev, Y. Liederman, V. Fedorov).

Since 1989 Pepperstein has been an independent artist and writer. His work is a continuation of the tradition started by the Moscow Conceptual School. Peppersteins’ works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Russia and around the world. His paintings, drawings and installations can be found in the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, in the Russian State Museum in St Petersburg, in the George Pompidou Centre in Paris, in the Albertina museum in Vienna, and in private collections both in Russia and abroad. Pepperstein’s numerous articles on the problems presented by contemporary art have been published both at home and abroad.

He lives and works in Moscow, Russia. 
He has taken part in various exhibitions in Russia and abroad. 

£7 + booking fee